Phagan Family’s Statement on the Latest Attempt to Exonerate Leo Frank

Little Mary Phagan

It has been reported that the Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard has established a “Conviction Integrity Unit ” that will review the Leo Frank conviction of 1913.

Those named as participants in this move are the following: Former Governor Roy Barnes, Rabbi Steven Lebow, Attorney Dale Schwartz, Melissa D. Redmon, director of the University of Georgia Law School, Former Supreme Court Justice Leah Ward Sears, Former Court Chief Justice Norman Fletcher, Cobb County Superior Court Chief Judge J. Stephen Schuster, Assistant District Attorney Van Pearlberg.

The family of Mary Phagan believes that these individuals have colluded since August of 2018 to find a way to vacate the conviction of Leo Frank for the murder of Mary Phagan. Dale Schwartz was quoted thus: “we’re still trying to get a new trial that would, in effect, exonerate him.” [In 1914, several attempts were made to “exonerate ” Leo Frank using “new evidence” that included witness affidavits later found to have been obtained by bribery and other illegal means. [See the Atlanta Constitution of May 5, 1914, p. 1 .]

According to the Atlanta Journal–Constitution (May 7, 2019), D.A. Howard stated, “The Frank Case helped inspire the creation of the new unit” and that former Gov. Roy Barnes “will serve as a consultant,” and further said that he “had lobbied the district attorney to re–examine Frank’s case.” Let us be clear what that means. Former Gov. Barnes has swayed, influenced and brought pressure (political bullying) to bear on the Fulton County DA’s office to re-examine the Frank/ Phagan case. Those statements alone convince us that the Conviction Integrity Unity has already re-adjudicated Leo Frank.

According to the article, “Barnes said he is convinced that this will happen. ‘There is no doubt in my mind, and we’ll [ Who is “we?” ] prove it at the appropriate time, that Frank was not guilty. ’” Former Governor Roy Barnes should recuse himself from this case , as well as members of the Conviction Integrity Unit who know Barnes or any others who have categorically stated that Frank is not guilty.

The Mary Phagan family — The truth of the Leo Frank Case: Once again, most advocates and so-called experts who determine Leo Frank is not guilty have relied on blatantly false information and politically biased propaganda and have not considered all the facts or reviewed all the original legal documents, including the original official testimony and evidence. Frank’s conviction was upheld by thirteen courts and judges in his thirteen appeals. Driven by the need to exonerate a Jewish leader, they intend to convict an innocent African-American man. They spread fabrications, propagandize falsehoods, distort the facts, and change headlines of original newspapers to promote the hoax of “not guilty.” The real miscarriage of justice is that in this time of the #MeToo movement, they seek to override a duly convicted child rapist and murderer’s conviction.