ADL’s Greenblatt Gets “Community-Noted” on X

The humiliation of Jonathan Greenblatt, boss at the Jewish pressure/censorship group, the ADL (which was founded in large part to defend sex murderer Leo Frank), continues on the leading social media platform, X.

Every August 17, Greenblatt posts a commemoration of Leo Frank’s hanging, falsely claiming that Frank was innocent and also falsely claiming that Frank was convicted based on “anti-Semitism.” But, due to increasing awareness of the facts of the Leo Frank case, and the rise of truth-telling Web sites like and and and others, the experience has not been one that is likely to please Greenblatt. Gone are the days when the ADL and other Jewish groups, with their strong allies in all major media corporations, could suppress free speech on the case.

We reported (see below) on the hiding Greenblatt got at the hands of Twitter users (Twitter has been renamed X by its new owner, Elon Musk) back in 2021. The vast majority of the hundreds of comments Greenblatt received were from users outraged that he was “celebrating the legacy” of a sick child abuser and murderer. The same thing happened on a larger scale in 2022, but Greenblatt was somehow able to pressure pre-Musk Twitter into deleting most of the critical comments.

But with Musk at the helm — and after Musk declared himself to be in favor of free speech on the platform — Greenblatt decided not to take any chances and himself turned off comments on his own post! That’s humiliation number one.

Then came humiliation number two — the semi-official volunteer fact-checkers at X added what is called a Community Note to Greenblatt’s pro-Frank posting, factually stating that Leo Frank had been duly convicted and still stands adjudged guilty of murdering 13-year-old Mary Phagan, and giving links to their sources for those facts.Here’s one of the links; quite worthwhile:

It’s likely that Greenblatt and the ADL then applied pressure to have the Community Note removed, and this has caused internal strife at X, since the Note disappeared, then reappeared again a few hours later, then disappeared again. Regardless of whether the Note comes back or not, Greenblatt’s — and the ADL’s — humiliation is complete. The truth is out there now. The people know. Greenblatt’s promotion of the ADL’s fake news about the Leo Frank case will not be allowed to continue without vigorous public critique and opposition.